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China healthcare recruitingThe Chinese medical industry is under government pressure but huge and growing fast.  China healthcare recruiting is, therefore, a high stakes game which I see Western Companies play more like gambling than using data.

Unfortunately, hiring is messy and there is less willingness to face it. Passing around bad apples is more common than really looking closely for objective data.

China Healthcare Recruiting Must Be Done with Eyes Wide Open

Any slip on the legality of what Western companies are doing in China is sure to bring a very heavy response from the government.  Yet Western companies in China continue to play with hiring instead of seeking premium hiring in this important market. China still spends more on hardware than on doctors. This has led to risks of corruption which then leads to crack downs in Western companies in this space.

But a better day can come whether you are in the Chinese medical device market or on some other fast-moving segment.

One is issue is seeking perfect resumes.  This, surprisingly, leads you to distinctly bad hires.  Perfect resumes seem to represent valuable hires as how could a perfect resume not represent a valuable worker who was always in demand? It seems so logical. However, our deep experience found that 90% of perfect resumes are lying to make their imperfection look perfect.

So, the perfect resume actually represents the person who excels at coverup and good appearances.

This happens way too often in the China healthcare recruiting market. You get just what happened in the interview. Real people bring you real value and fakers bring you…less sleep.

Let me also mention the search for sweet English.  Recall that what you really need us someone who is good in Chinese. You need clear English with no misunderstandings. Unfortunately, sweet English (Perfect English) tends to limit hiring to a certain few who have great English and less sales or other ability. When the candidate pool gets too small, you have less space to look at character of the recruit. See also Recruiting When its Hard.

Let’s Get the Best in this Huge Market

We are very diligent to identify talent and equally diligent in checking background to end passing bad talent from other companies to yours.  The ROI value of our careful placement policy in this huge and government sensitive market is high.  We are glad to provide a completely different recruiting philosophy to Western companies in this space.

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