China Hiring – Be Smarter and Seek the Humble

China Hiring – Be Smarter and Seek the Humble

Inc Magazine had up a good article on hiring. Implementing a lot of what she said could make you better at China hiring. 

Let me use this example

Say we’re asking a candidate to share a moment where they made a mistake. Depending on what they share, we might get insights on their transparency, empathy, vulnerability, and ability to “do the right thing” (which is one of our values!).

A potential good answer could include them admitting the mistake early on and owning up to it. Another good answer could be in their ability to reflect on the lesson they learned from the mistake.

Answers that might give us some pause could include hints of blaming others or circumstances, or sharing a mistake that puts them in the ‘savior’ position and misses the opportunity to show vulnerability.

Two Thoughts on China Hiring 

One point here is they are not so interested in finding the guy’s weakness. They want to see if this person is comfortable with their own skin and can show vulnerability, This is smart. Those people are not always trying to prove themselves, and they are able to learn as they are not too full of themselves. 

Also,note how she says that some answers give them pause. This is super healthy,. Some of us might say we found a red flag. Some people really have worked in dysfunctional companies that they could not bare. If you want them to say they loved it and everything was good, then you are asking them to be false. If they can say why they did not like that environment, then you can think if your company fits her need. We might ask more questions or make that something to find out in the background check. Thus, many comments would make us pause and take a note and then seek solid data based on that pause.

Looking to find someone’s character and not their weakness is the first thought and remembering to pause and not judge when something hot was said. Seek more data. Do not gut feel decide.

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