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China IP  - Your people are your risk

The internet is not your key risk- People are

China IP is not centrally lost by the internet in China.  Dan Harris at China Law Blog makes a good point, and I want to follow up on it here. However, I encourage you to go look at what he says over there. He notes that if you always have something new that your customers want that you will be in little trouble if people steal what you have now. So true.   He further notes that your employees are a big risk. Fortunately, there are two actions you can take to lower this risk and make better money too.

China IP Can Be Safe If You Think People

1. Hire workers with character who share your values and they will not come to learn your technology and then sell it all away. Workers of character do not do that. They do not download all your secrets and sell them to someone else. If you want IP protection, then you want to focus on worker character. Workers of character also do not leave for a few extra bucks. They seek meaning in their work and stay if they feel valued. Strong cultures will hold them. Are you a most admired company? If you are, then your risks of people leaving at all go way down.

2. Yes, the second topic is to retain those workers. If they do not leave, then you have little to worry about in the IP world if you have followed the China Law Blog way of life.   Care about workers and notice their achievements. Give them meaningful work and let them do it their way within agreed to top values. Do not put up with bad leaders who can sell or stand on their heads. Move them or fire them, and do it well (I will write on this more this week). Build your IP protection on hiring and retaining works of character . Good leaders make head hunters irrelevant.  We need that. Good workers are hard to find. What are we doing to make them so happy they will not listen to any head hunter?


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