China is Fast so Hire Fast? Let’s Do Recruiting Right

China is fastSo much talk about China being about speed. I totally agree, but some things should not be rushed. Hiring should be done with alacrity but the idea to hire slow and fire fast is still true. China is fast but should hiring  be slower? Let’s think.

What we see is to be agile and fast in China means you need the right people. The right people get you speed and agility at a higher rate.

Wrong or mediocre people mean less agility and speed. This is especially true as turnover is higher 0n people you hire without knowing them well enough.

Fast Hiring as China is Fast?

I think it is more confortable to hire someone very quickly once the position is open. It is quite understandable.  At the same time, it is true that this often leads to less than ideal hires. We need to think more about costs and benefits and how to have speed while knowing well enough.

Getting the right person is so valuable and saves so much trouble and expense. Risking a bad hire is really a high price to pay. China is fast.  Can recruiting be done faster and yet still reliably?

We find in the search that many times companies are anxious yet do not move the process with alacrity. It is uncdertandably hard to make time for interviews and make decisions on the process faster. When companies streamline their process we find the process mocves quite quick and all can be known in good time. See also Hire Slow and Fire Fast Needs Understanding.

So in that case, hire slow does not mean to drag out the process. Hire slow means to not short change the process. We focus on getting the right person the first time every time and making sure to check all enough to get that done. Being sure is so valuable and avoids a marginal or bad hire. Much more than that is the vastly increased chance of a great hire.




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