China is the Place to be in Covid 19 or Anytime

China is the place to be in covid 19 or anytimeChina seems to be the place to be right now. I mean if you can get in, China is the place to be in Covid -19 and anytime actually. This chart is from the IMF and you can see their excellent article here.

China is controlling the virus very well. We live in almost total freedom on the virus here. Beijing still has issues and way out West has some issues. Beijing will succeed as well extreme West.  Here in the Yangtze River Delta we are very well.

We have customers calling on us for salesmen in China for good reason. Another place is looking for a new GM. All of these people can move around quite freely and go do their work here in China, so now is the time.

While China started badly by covering up the virus, once they got started, the people took charge and killed this thing.

My own country in the US has had some little problems with cover up, but big problems with over optimism. China has never been guilty of that. The pessimists rule here as I wrote about a few months ago.  Being pessimists does not mean they are not a dynamic country. They think more completely in many cases.

I saw the IMF article at LinkedIn in an article by Fionn Wright encouraging us to leverage China’s strength. Both articles are very well done and well worth going to.

China is the Place to be in COVID-19 and Anytime in Our Generation

China will come out stronger from the virus. Will We? They are doing things right and growing as they are in that stage of economic development that makes then feel unstoppable.  I wrote about that comparing them to America in 1908 here and how they will grow here. I wrote both these articles 5 or more years ago,and they seem prophetic now. Forbes said at that time that the Chinese miracle was ending.

OK, so back to where China is in 2020. IMF notes that China is the only advanced economy that will show growth this year. That is why compamies are calling us. They know the growth is here. They also know that China is a boggling place, and they best get the right people in China to carry then forward. That is where we come in. When you need to get it right, we are the ones who found a way to make good to great placements consistently in China. This company I built here in China realized my China Dream just like the people in Fionn’s article above.

Let’s dare to dream in China.


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