China is Where the Action Is – So Let’s Do it Well

China is where the action isChina is where the action is. We all see it. China is the only major country with a growing economy at this time. We see it in recruiting.

Companies are coming to us to get salesmen in China foremost. They see that Chinese people and businesses have money, and so they are coming.

We see this as smart just as they do. Salesmen can travel in China even now. Well, Spring festival will be a little hard but by the time spring comes, China will be full tilt. In China we are not even wearing masks as no need in most areas. As soon as there is need, everyone will wear masks and be conservative, so China is good and will be better. See also COVID-19 Triumph of the Pessimists-Hello China.

Other companies are coming to us to get country leaders. They want to move and need the right leaders at this time.

China is Where the Action is in This Generation Actually

We see other activity as well, but these are the main issues. We think in every area it is time to make your China operation work well. China is the mover this year, so make it happen.

We also see some movement on it being a good time to sort things out and make them work in China. Some companies see that China is not going away and actually is in the best time just now. You may also Appreciate reading Office Politics: Can Anything Be Done? See 3 Ways.

China is also more economically like us than before. They like more things that we like now. One of my recruiters came in today with big dangling ear rings. China had no jewelry to speak of in the 90’s, some very conservative jewelry canme out in the 2000’2 and ear rings made some conservative showing in the 2010’s. Now even loud ear rings are out in the main culture. To me it is a kind of picture of how things re on the move here. My hometown in the US looks a lot like it did when I was a child. Neighborhoods I lived in in the 90’s in China have been revolutionized.  No dust is settling here.

So while you may not be able to come to China now. We are glad to find you people and check them out closely to make sure they are who they say they are. Then you can share in the benefits of being here much better.


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