China Kickbacks? Not My Hires?

China Kickbacks? Not My Hires?

Renaud of the impressive Quality Inspections Blog put up a quick review of Paul Midler’s recent book called What’s Wrong with China    Due to the commonality of China kickbacks, it is critical to adjust our hiring strategy here. One thing Renaud says in the review is:

I don’t think it’s a stretch to write that many Chinese in many business/work circumstances try to get a kickback.

It is certainly true of most purchasers and most ‘independent’ sourcing agents.

Do you mind that most of your sourcing hires are doing that? I suppose if it just meant another 5% on the price of your raw material, you are OK? However, it also means bad quality, on time delivery, and cost. Let me pause and say it is not just purchasing. Renaud and Paul are clear on that.

China Kickbacks and Other Tricks are Contagious

China kickbacks

I knew a Western Consulting company led by a Westerner who had learned business in China.

The consultant naturally had his unsuspecting client buy the parts from the consultant’s own factory at twice the market rate. Ultimately, the client found out and found it had golden handcuffs with the consultant. So, if an American who learned business in China does this kind of thing then what are the Chinese doing?

Renaud also noted how Paul said Chinese love tricks and finding a way to beat the system.  Are you trusting your system?

Everyone is not asking for kickbacks and playing tricks. Our regular readers know that we statistically proved that 28% of the Chinese do not do that. Which means that you can get lucky in China. From this way of thinking we help our customers get lucky pretty consistently.  See 6 Ways of Doing Business in China.

The best resumes and best interviewers are usually the most likely to be trying to trick you.  It is easier to say you leap over tall buildings in a single bound than to do it.  This means you are less likely than 28% to get the right hire as the right hire will not create fascinating fantasy in the interview.

We will be here when you want to get lucky every time.

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