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China perfect resume puzzle

Resume focus is a problem especially if perfect is a goal

China Perfect resumes are not our style. I wrote a blog almost exactly 3 years ago on perfect resumes that was short and excellent even if I do say so myself. You can see the blog here.

China Perfect Resumes getting us in trouble?

Some companies have offered us contracts to get us in a resume beauty contest. The standard is for all the recruiters they sign to fire off as many beautiful resumes as possible as fast as possible. Whoever is first with the most beautiful resume is likely to get the hire and earn the money.

We see this as nonsense. If all you want from us is packaged resumes, then you need to find someone else as that is not our business,

When companies have a mitt full of recruiting companies, they cannot get close to any of them, Each of them gets a JD and a few words from the HR All we can do is find beautiful resumes as we do not know the deeper heart issues of this placement,

Our goal is to send our customers very few resumes and often they are not beautiful but the person is gold. In the resume beauty contest, these diamonds are often overlooked.

Forbes has a well done article on how to write a resume that is perfect that you can see here. I wonder why we do not say ‘excellent’? Is perfect driving candidates to lie?

What is the sin in a guy having a 3 month gap in his resume? That is not beautiful to most companies. A perfect resume has no gaps unfortunately.  However, many companies would train their people to overlook such people.

In our work, we can go deeper with people who lack perfection. In a beauty contest, recruiters package these resumes and make the gaps go away.  Is that what you want?


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