In China Perfect Resumes?

China perfect resumesAbout ten years ago, someone made it popular to write ideal job descriptions to get better hires. That has made a mess as I see it.   There was always a tendency to make your resume perfect, but now the pressure is too high and people are faking resumes too much. In China perfect resumes have become way to common 

I am not against high standards for your hires. I am against demands for perfect resumes.  We need to have high standards on character and even transparency, and lower our standards for the perfect resume. When you do that, the quality of your hires can go up. That has been at the core of my hiring success since 1997 here in China. Naturally it has given my company a great reputation, so we would never turn back.

In China Perfect Resumes Requirements Make Things Worse

Are there any perfect people? If so, I am out as cannot reach that level. So perfect resumes followed after ideal JD’s. We need to think how to not force people to lie so that they appear perfect while you overlook the people who are honest. The good people then get no good offers. That is a tragedy that exists, and our company tries to correct that in our work every day.

We know from experience that perfect resumes are highly suspect. We check them very closely to see if they are real. What good is a perfect resume if it is not true? Our experience is 90% of perfect resumes are not true. 

It is a lot of work to get the right people the first time, but it is overwhelmingly worth it. 

Can you think of good reasons a person might have gaps on their resumes or be unemployed?  We know there are many good reasons. Of course, we do not take any reason given to us as fact, We check all and also ask our customers to believe us when we say this ugly resume is worth your time. 


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