China Plus One is Good Way to Think

China Plus One is Good Way to Think

The China Briefing has been rightly perplexed to hear strong voices say that everyone is leaving China.  Me too. China plus one is the optimum thought for China now. China is the second largest economy, and the largest population and not going to be irrelevant any time soon.

Further, with a diligent labor force and everyone learning engineering, China will not soon be bereft of attraction to many manufacturers.

China Plus One is Pretty Logical

Furthermore, with a population that has lots of doubts about Chinese quality, Westerners trying to sell here have a massive populace with money to spend on our stuff.

That is a lot of drawing power for Westsrn companies. Oh, and they have amazing infrastructure.

Now, you need a vpn, and foreigners are often seen as foreigners before they are seen as human. The government is super nervous about being overthrown, so they are naturally worried about foreigners who think open governments are the best. All governments everywhere are tougher in foreign companies than local companies. China is no exception.  The plus 1 countries will be easier only when hungrry but rule of law issues can be harder.

My business totally focuses on serving Western Companies that are active in China. If everyone was leaving, then my business should be tanking.

We are doing quite well and feel no limit to our business caused by Trump or Chinese policy.

Companies that want people who are trustworthy and have proven talent are still finding us and finding out that rigorous recruiting has very great value. See also 8 Keys to Recruiting Great Talent.

Finding the Best Way is Worth It

In a Global world, finding a way in the world’s second biggest economy is certainly worth the effort.  We see that a great deal of the noise for companies is that they did not invest to get the right staff from the start and then are reticient to fix it as do not believe Trustworthy Talent is real somehow.   The right people help you navigste in a transparent way where surprises are good ones and not bad ones the better part of time.

China is a great jumping point to other places in Asia. China plus one is the future. Let’s do it well.


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