China Recruiting Difficulties and Strengths

Chinese recruiting difficultiesChina recruiting difficulties and strengths is something our 11 year old company can speak to.

Let me list a mitt full of issues we see in our recruiting of management level people in China.

Technical People

China has boatloads of people with engineering degrees. Parents often choose college majors for their kids and think engineers make more money. Further, China is the factory for the world. Apple made Iphones in China as it is the only place in the world they could hire a million engineers.

We are a recruiting company, but most of the people we hire have engineering degrees as China has a lot and many do not want to work as engineers. Their technical ability and contacts helps us find candidates though.


Chinese may be the world leaders in diligence. When properly led, they do wonders. Often companies fail in the properly led space. See also China GM Recruitment.


Tons of people can read and write English. English learning classes are everywhere.  Many can also listen and speak though that lowers the number a lot. The majority of our placements need English as we work for Western Companies active in China. As you get fartther from the East coast and the bigger cities, spoken English drops off dramatically.  However, English out West is also getting better as Westernization continues.

Class Thinking

China is a hierarchical culture. Taxi drivers will tell me they have no culture. What do they mean? They usually mean they do not have much education. Certainly. they have never been to college. Class and face and all these are deep issues in China. We help you avoid people like this.

In America, no one will tell me they have no culture as they did not go to college. America is an egalitarian culture and companies are relatively flat. I never meet janitors and then think they are somehow less than me. Chinese people usually do. This leads to a lot of leadership that we cannot bear. The boss is the only Genius and the rest are Minions like in Despicable Me. That is the standard model in Chinese factories.

HR managers are notorious for being imperious or condescending with candidates. It terribly damages their employee brand management. but they do not care. They too commonly want people who will bow and scrape be it subtly or obviously.

I have had engineers tell me they do not get dirty. People like to have an office to feel their power.  These class issues can be avoided.

Cutting in line and throwing trash wherever have gotten a lot better, but far from us. Chinese people talk about this problem as not enough culture.  We do not think of it as class but do try to place people who have enough Western sense of how to do things.


Rule of law in China grows, but the heart of many many Chinese people says Don’t Get Caught.  They also go farther and can find more creative ways to steal than we can usually imagine. Again, not all people do that but the total risks are much higher here than in the West.  We definitely keep these people out.

Making Good First Impressions – Hospitality

Chinese are the experts of the good first impression.  It can be delightful. It also leads to a lot of bad recruiting.

China Recruiting Difficulties and Strengths Make China Different

Reading to here, we can all see China is different than a lot of other countries,. It has possibilities and risks.  We help companies guard against risk and grasp opportunities. That is our focus actually as we provide Trustworthy Talent®.


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