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China right fit hiringGetting the right fit in hiring is critical in avoiding unwanted turnover. However, China right fit hiring is hard to get and, therefore, hit and miss.  SHI Group has unlocked the right path to end the hit and miss. Let’s look at a few aspects of this complicated problem.

Adam Grant says quitting when work violates your values is an act of integrity.

Sure, I did that, 13 years ago, and then started this company.

China Right Fit Hiring Needs More Thought

Let’s first talk on this aspect. I have seen Western companies again and again support leaders in China who force good people to violate their values.

It is a shame. Either their people lose engagement or leave and take their IP with them. Their personal experience is simply lost to the company.

If they stay, the cost is higher as the workers feel dirtier day by day and stay just to get a pay check to feed their family.  It is miserable and gets these companies to a place far below their potential and they are ruining lives as they go. The Western leaders who support these wrong leaders are not bad guys. The leader they support has deceived them or made them feel he is invaluable. Lies and coverups rule all.  May these good Western Leaders see the truth amidst the lies and let a new day dawn.

Failure to achieve fit is what causes these horrible situations. Fit is primarily about sharing the same values. How often have candidates deceived you about what values they are bringing into our company? That mismatch is what leads to all the other misery and loss. Good people join not knowing that the values of the hiring manager do not match theirs, but time quickly or slowly reveals the gap in values. Then the loss is apparent though it was a cost from day one.

At SHI Group, we make that unseen thing come to light by being transparent both ways and getting the full story of each candidate beyond the resume and interview we do. Candidates and hiring managers all make dramatically better choices when they have all the data.  Then you get Best First Day candidates as an extra benefit.


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