China Scams Up and Quality Down

I have generally felt that rule of law is taking hold progressively in China.    Scammers are not resting, however.

China scams upCompetition is getting tougher.  Unfortunately, Chinese morality is not getting any better as I see and experience it. So more scams emerge to face competition rather than doing real work.

This is what we see all the time in recruiting. We still find that 72% of candidates are lying to get the job.   It is way too tempting to start your career at age 22 by developing tricks and scams then by doing real work. Bad habits develop and methods are quite mature by the time they are management level.  Managers then teach tricks to those under them.

China Scams Up Impacts Recruiting a Lot

Recruiters are doing the same thing to get their candidates in. HR can take payment from candidates.  It makes for many bad or dissatisfactory hires and some getting lucky when things should be much better.   There really is no excuse for hiring like baseball where if you bat 33% you are a star.

We believe that quality is down. Companies hire a leader without knowing them very well. They know they lied and are not very good, so make sure to hire weak people, so they do not look bad.  Everyone is tricky in some way. How can you chase 6 sigma under conditions like this?   We know one factory that had good quality despite this problem. However, he had to destroy new business as it would have been more than he could single-handedly handle in that 120 person factory. He was the only genius and everyone else were loyal minions.  See also 6 Ways of Doing Business in China.

Let’s Reach Higher Than No Scams

We are definitely not looking at our batting average.  SHI Group is at 95% good or great hires and always aiming higher. I think with the value and costs of the management team, we all should invest as we have to make sure you get to at least 95% and never settle there.    We are 100% on not placing people who steal from our customers.  We always hope to hold there.

SHI Group also knows our process places a high percentage of people a few standard deviations above a good hire.   We calculated and found we have 5% bad hires, 20% great hires, 75% good hires.   Great hires are a strong “Wow!” kind of placement. The customer is thrilled, and we also agree that they are a great hire.  A good hire is competent and honest in their work.  Virtually all of our customers repeat with us if they have more needs.

We hope you also can get 95% good hires. SHI Group will be here if you find that hard to make.  We will make sure you get at least that and some great hires as well.  See also Hire Force Multipliers


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