China Technical Sales Support is a Great Value

China Technical Service SupportHave Distributors in China, but they are not very knowledgeable about your product? We recruit China Technical Sales Support for our customers. It is a very niche type of position.

Sometimes this person needs to be able to not only have deep technical knowledge in your field, but also need to be able to make the sale. Other cases they need to have good coaching ability to get distributors on line with the right thinking to find and explain to customers. In yet other cases, they simply travel with distributors for technical demonstrations or other deeper product issues.

In most cases, some combination of all these needs come together. Because this position usually does not have a strong career path, and further does not have any local oversight, it is a very special placement. They are usually unique and that helps energize my recruiters.

Finding Proper China Technical Sales Support is Not Easy

Many good people will just say no. So finding someone suitable who also can do this responsibly with no local oversight is not easy.  Most recruiters will not give you all you need on this problem. This is especially true as this placement is likely to be a one off.

We are here to help Western Companies who have these kinds of needs. We support whether it be a Finance Director, GM, or CMO. And yes that includes China Technical Sales Support people.

Sometimes companies have no legal base in China but need this one person. We help them be able to make pay legal benefits and have a legal work contract for the employee in China. You may also want to read Hiring Sales People in China and Keeping Them.

So while we do this, we know this kind of person is only valuable to our customer if they have the right skills as well as character to do the job well day in and day out just for you. Well, they have to have good English as well, so lots of needs. However, we never want our customers to forget that finding people with character is most critical so they can represent you well in China. Also see China Recruiting Difficulties and Strengths.


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