Chinese People Do Not Raise Their Hands

Chinese children do not raise their handsChinese people do not raise their hands in school full stop. This is primary through college. American  and many Western schools are much more active. What does that say about hiring in China?

In a US class of any age, you could expect some students to raise their hands at a query from an instructor. What does this stark difference say?

Westerners are less afraid of their own skin.  Not all are, but enough that some people will raise their hands while in China none will.

So people you hire in China are all the ones who never raised their hands in school.  Does that mean they are all introverts? Not at all.

Fear is the enemy. Why are Chinese more fearful to speak than Westerners?

Fear of failure is so high in China. Americans come to China and learn few words of Chinese with bad pronunciation and go try.

Chinese can learn English for 6 years and be afraid to say any words. The Chinese english speakers you know have more and they only have to talk to one person at a time and not in front of class.

Chinese People Do Not Raise Their Hands As Do Not Dare

Some Chinese people can be full participants in global on line meetings. They are rather rare. Usually, Chinese people will not speak unless specifically requested to speak in the conference call.

This is a practical gap. but lets come back to what this says overall. High levels of fear and low self esteem in China caused by a high criticism culture mean the Chinese people who do talk in conference may be just proving themselves.

Through years of encouragement or self improvement, some Chinese people can be comfortable with their own skin.

Low self esteem can lead to Chinese people having poor personal boundaries. They have little too none or walls.   This can mean they respond well to good and kind leadership that usually only Westerners can bring. Some Chinese managers with little Western exposure will see kindness as weakness in the Westerner and look down on him or her.

Chinese parenting does show signs of change, but it must be another generation before their kids can raise their hands in class.   In the meantime, SHI Group will check people closely to see if they are who they say they are.

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