Clarifying Recruiting Need and Available Talent

recruiting need and available talentHiring managers usually have an idea what they need in the China market.  What is available at what price is a lot fuzzier. We see it as our job to clear away the fuzz. We try to do that very early in the process. Once you put recruiting need and available talent together, the project becomes much more reachable.

And Yes, the Salary Problem

Let’s talk about budget briefly. Many times, companies want to get a salary survey.  They do make hiring managers feel good I suppose, but the real deal is between the candidate and the hiring manager. This guy will not move unless he gets a 30% raise for example. No survey will help that.

Candidates know how much they are willing to accept for any given opportunity. They want more for messy companies and less for excellently managed companies. The survey won’t help that.

So, we do our very best to settle what the costs will likely be for your specific case.

Recruiting Need and Available Talent Needs to Come Together

In the mean time we find the talent around the target you are after very early, so the hiring manager can start to adapt to what is in the market. Often, they find that there is both less and more I find. Well, we all want more for less. That is natural. We try to find a way to get there, by clarifying early. That is our job to give you a good early picture in first day or two. After that, we get down to the details of candidates.

I think other companies like to start with pitching any candidates they have near at hand. We, on the other hand do a quick start with what resumes exist in all the market to get a feel at start. We find that centers the hiring manager, so he or she can succeed. SHI Group also then finds out better what the hiring manager really needs by this way which helps us not send him any worthless people to interview.

We seek a more complete thought at outset as it creates more opportunity to get the hiring manager a great hire.  We know it is not easy for hiring managers to get success the first try. So, we try all to help you get there.



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