Cold Calling Candidates Takes A Lot

Cold calling candidates does not usually occur as text messaging can lead to a call. Let’s look at all in this case. More than skill we need to right heart.

Cold Calling candidatesFinding candidates and gaining trust and getting then to open up or take in interest and finally deciding to apply is an art and also a process.

Some recruiters just lie to them to get then to apply. This ends up wasting your time and the candidates. It also hurts your branding in the candidate market.

Back to the process. It is pretty obvious that we often find candidates on line and reach out to them. Candidates are afraid to be tricked as have been tricked by recruiters before. We find being transparent helps then overcome their concerns.

Thus, we need to have a detailed talk with the hiring manager before we reach out to candidates. We also look closely at your website. We need to know enough that the candidates feel this is real and matching their needs.

Cold Calling Candidates Without Caring Hurts

Once they turn away as feel a red flag, it is hard to bring then back, so the start should be done well. Transparency and giving the candidates information to start is the key to getting them to move forward.

Recruiters who do not go deep really have to resort to a ruse to get a resume from the candidate. SHI Group will not cheat candidates or you, so we seek to know you better without wasting your time.

Having recruiters who are dedicated and rewarded for taking care of both sides is key. If recruiters do not get paid for being good people, then they probably will not be. Trying to get lucky is a bad habit recruiters get caught up in. They are using people and hope to not get caught.

Given human nature, subtle differences can lead to bad outcomes in the market. SHI Group is beyond that. We make sure and do not let bad process hurt either side.

That is our commitment.

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