College Degrees Are Not the Key

college degrees are not the key The vast majority of our customers need a Chinese employee who speaks English. Our staff speak English, so that is easy for us. Some companies say they require a hire with a college degree  or something like an MBA, We understand that but our experience is that college degrees are not the key. In most cases to get english, you need someone who has a college degree, but not always. We take them one by one and check.

What companies really need is a certain amount of maturity, expertise, honesty and English.  An MBA might have an advantage over another, but we will find out.

We dig deep, so you do not have too. We are not trying to sell you a candidate. We are trying to make sure you get the right candidate.

We can find you an MBA, but if we tell you the guy without is a better salesman for this role, I think you should think more. We likely will save you money and get you an even better person than the MBA.

College Degrees Are Not the Key While Work Is

We focus on seeing the candidates at a deeper level in the interview and especially in the background check, that often makes the best interview a scam.

Great work is better than a great interview any day. Great work is better than any diploma. We can leave the colleges to think Doctorates are the only way, while who earn money know that diplomas are a piece of paper while talent and honesty are worth so much more.

And by the way, some people who say they have a college degree do not have one at all. People call on us to get the very best at the very best price, and can to. In China you need that and we are glad to make sure you get that every time.

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