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comfortable interviewHiring is way to much a crap shoot, so you may as well choose someone you have a good conversation with, right? For one company we know, their comfortable interview was a $10M gambit.

This a small multinational. Names have been changed. The remote Western Manager, Mike, must have liked Joe Zhang.  Looking at their similar personalities, I can imagine what happened. But so sad.

Mike could rarely visit, so Joe could run his own show and make sure he kissed up to the boss at every turn. $10M was lost, and Mike never pointed a gun at Joe though he was the actual cause.

Many people brought complaints about Joe to Mike, but he cast them off or even got angry with the messengers.

Joe ruined the multinational and made them dislike China though Joe was the problem and not China. Mike could always deflect blame and say This is China in the most inoffensive way.

Comfortable Interview? SHI Group is Then So Careful

Joe did consistently make Mike comfortable and apparently that means Joe could be free to ruin their China business. I am puzzled over why that is OK somehow. My sense is that Joe made Mike feel that no Chinese hire could do better.

SHI Group guarantees to protect you from such improper and devastating hires. We help hiring managers overcome these things by providing verified data (see our US side video on this) to bring initial moves back to earth. It saves companies vast losses by heading off hiring these amazing manipulators. It hurts SHI Group short term as killed our own candidate, but the result is we find a long term good hire for you that you will be very glad to have.

That is our unique offering. We do this for every hire, and the results are an over 95% good hire rate.

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