COVID-19 Hiring in Crisis as China Stands Up

COVID-19 Hiring in CrisisHiring in crisis is a key question to consider in COVID-19. Understandably, many companies will put it off as China does not want you to fire people now. Further, in cash crunch or possible cash crunch, many companies understandably want to be careful with adding payroll costs.

Good news is letting specific people go and replacing them is ok in almost all localities. It is good to ask locally on this.  The salary costs of keeping the bad person or not having the right person is a cost companies often do not consider.

Admittedly, in the 2009 downturn, we saw that companies turned to hiring sales people in China to get more business in China.  They saw China had better ways to avoid the economic downfall.

The key point for them then was they needed to make the right hire the first time and not mess around now. We did get them what they needed then as always.

This time around, China’s economy contracted, but started to rebound before Western companies could rebound. Perilous times, but somehow the world economy will turn around. China may well lead the way again even though their supply chain got hurt a lot by Western Companies who got hurt by COVID-19.

Hiring in Crisis as China Gets Back to Work

China is definitely back to work, but Chinese people are still wearing masks even though the government says they do not need them outside. This conservative nature I have mentioned. See Covid-19 Triumph of the Pessimists, Hello China.  It helped China a lot, but now factories are working while everyone wears masks. Production came to life and slowly communities are opening up.  Even Chinese people are starting to travel again.

It has been 102 years since the Spanish Flu rocked the planet 1918-1920. That one was worse, and in a time of world war it meant many people were weak as no food in Europe at end of war.

Be careful everyone. China is open for business but not as open as before COVID-19. We will see when it gets totally back to normal here. Hotels may be the last to recover here. We will see.



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