Customer Service Recruiting China

Customer Service Recruiting ChinaCustomer Service Recruiting China is a special topic that does not get a lot a press. Everyone talks about salesmen and some about marketing, but not enough talk on customer service.

So a lot of customer service is just so so. First you need someone who is teachable and curious,  interestingly.  You need someone who can learn your product and your company very well and in detail. In some companies am engineer is best who can talk the ins and outs. If customer service is just so so, they cannot get you better sales volume.

Then you need someone with empathy who can feel the customer’s pain. You also need them to know your pain points as well, so you need some with that sensitivity.

Additionally, you need someone who can draw the line as needed, and not just pass the ball on down the line.  This especially means someone who can handle healthy internal conflict and not just bury issues or be super critical.    A special person is so critical.

Customer Service Recruiting China Needs More

The problem in finding the right people is we rely too much on resumes and interviews. Someone who does well in an interview will not always do things honestly when you are not there.  You really do not need cover up in this space. Moreover,  you must avoid people who are nice to you and not care for customers.

Notably, customer service people of character who are treated well will also treat customers well. We also place leaders who make customer service more engaged. You may also want to read Customer Service Needs Teamwork.

Getting good references is so beneficial for any company. Customer Service is at the base of that, and we often place people there too casually. Put some energy here, and the ROI can be really good for your Customer Service in China. You may want to read Talent Acquisition in China as well.

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