Cybersecurity and Recruiting in China

Cybersecurity and Recruiting in China

Forbes has up a great article on cybersecurity in the age of IOT,  and it naturally touched on cybersecurity and recruiting. See whole article here.  Note this quote.

La Huis notes that insider risk is frequently a bigger threat than an outside entity. That insider risk can come in the form of employees deliberately subverting devices for their own ends

He notes that IOT devices may seem simple like to control the temperature, but they have much more ability and can be set to steal info inside your company. He says this is totally off the radar for most companies as it is a totally new risk.

I have noted before that companies are trying to set up systems to stop internal theft and cyber related issues as well. IOT additional risks makes it even harder.

I have always seen the key way to have cybersecurity is to hire people who will not steal from you and leaders who will not make people want to steal. When you have the right people then you can train them on how to avoid phishing problems and they are with you. Once you have hired the untrustworthy person unknowingly, your risk go way up. Anything you train they can use against you.

Cybersecurity and Recruiting Can Be Your Friend

We use small data to find if candidates have been trustworthy in the resume and interview. It is highly predictive of how trustworthy they will be in your company. See more with our article on predictive value of small data.

Naturally, once you have hired people who are natural allies in the battle for cybersecurity, they will help you with a great deal more. The right hires are on the same page with you and working to make your company stronger and not making their wallet fatter.  So multiple benefits to guarding the door of your company from inside threats.


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