Desperation or Wisdom in China Hiring?

Desperation or Wisdom in China Hiring?

Some companies come to us as desperation mounts. Actually, quite a few. They make internal discoveries and frustration mounts, and they contact us. It is quite understandable. It is like fire fighting. It is a more expensive but a useful path.  Other companies seek wisdom in China hiring and come to us before they make new management hires. They make the best ROI and get the best value added results as you can imagine.

There is also the third path. Companies blindly carry managers who are not with them in heart. These managers are collecting a pay check and watching the clock.  Worse yet, they are siphoning off the company every month and profitability is lower for years. It is quite common.  Some companies finally leave China as too expensive but were always carrying a lot more cost than they needed. I know a fork lift driver for a company near our office who owns two houses in the city and has no debt. Can you imagine what the managers are walking away with?

China is a great country which I love, but each country has crooks and people who will not connect with your path. They love to prey on Western companies. Let us not live unwisely.

Wisdom in China Hiring Takes You Far

Finally, a fourth path. Not only does excellent hiring keep the crooks out, it also digs up the diamond in the rough. Guys with doubtful resumes should get the boot unless your recruiter can verify why the resume looks so bad. We often help companies hire guys that they would never have seen just for that reason.

China is a great country, so the people you need are here. However, many are working for your competitors and do not want to leave.  Others have ugly resumes. We help you get through that to reach the promised land.

Other recruiters take you to the troublesome land of faked resumes which means beautiful resumes but not the truth. You may want to read Great Resumes or Great Hires.  People who lie to get into your company are highly likely to lie to stay in your company.  We are here for you when you are wise and when you are desperrate.



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