Do Recruiters Write Your Candidate’s Resume?

Unfortunately, recruiters in China are usually well aligned with their candidates. You can see on our site that we do not even have a place for candidates to give resumes. We think it wastes their time. Additionally, we are also not trying to get them to pay us to get them jobs.  SHI Group only work for our Western customers. Do other recruiters write your candidate’s resume?

Do recruiters write candidate's resume

Is it real? Did the recruiters write the details?

Recently one candidate had a partial resume on social media that we found. We asked her for a formal resume. She said:

I advise you help me update that resume some.  You know a little better what the customer might like on the resume. I feel what I already wrote is pretty complete.

She knows that this is what recruiters do. Moreover, she is polite and requests. Recruiters are glad to comply as can indeed write something useful to help sell the candidate.  However, she does not know us.  We smile and move on to next candidate. The girl is smart as we do know better what the customer wants on the resume. Nevertheless, we see she does not have the character to be a good employee for our clients. See also Great Resumes or Great Hires?

Recruiters Write Candidate Resumes and Write a Lot Actually

Furthermore, her on line resume for her present position says:

Responsible for sales at Greater China area

Just that much. She has been there almost 3 years. So, we laugh at her saying her resume is “pretty complete.”

In our process, we will tell our customer they do not need to consider this person.

SHI Group knows many other recruiters will be glad to fill that “small gap” in for her with something an unprotected  company will like.

Things should not be this way. Recruiters should not get paid by companies and then work with candidates to deceive companies. Off course, as I have said, many recruiters will collect money from candidates as well. We think companies deserve a loyal partner who will work hard to get to the right candidate the first time without any tricks.


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