Do We Make Candidates Lie? Let’s Think Together

candidates lie

What pressure is good pressure?

Do candidates have to lie to get a job?  Are the lucky guys who never had a bad boss and who had the right major in college always the best hires? Headhunters always call them, and job offers flow in.

What about the guy who had a bad boss and got fired. What if it happened twice?

All statistics say people leave bad bosses.  So which guy should you hire? Do you think it is the guy who left a bad boss to find a better situation?  Or the guy who showed up at his old work and did minimum work for three years?

The guy who quickly left has a 6 month experience on his resume and no good reference from that company.  If he lists that on his resume, will you call him for interview?

If you interview him, and he tells you that story, will you be open to make him?

Would you rather he lied and said he worked another 6 months at his previous job so that he can make that go away? See also Why We Background Check.

Do We Make Candidates Lie?

His resume looks a lot ‘better’ if he buries that experience.  Additionally, common headhunters will train him to lie and make that experience go away.

Can we not accept that people had a bad job? Furthermore, must we make him lie so he can get another job?  Does making him a liar to get your job bode well for problems that are easiest to cover up when he or she works for you?

Our business background checks every candidate.  Therefore, we groan when we get a ‘perfect’ resume. Other recruiters rejoice.

We know that 90% of perfect resumes have deep secrets inside that perfect resume. Additionally, it is highly unlikely we can place that person as the real data will show they cannot tell the truth in the interview.

Why do other recruiters rejoice? It is easy to sell the perfect resume. Moreover, it makes them money. See also Is Stable Work History a Good Sign?

Why do we like perfect resumes? Do we not know that life is imperfect?

Let’s give up on perfect resumes and other attitudes that make candidates think they must lie. Finally, we hold candidates responsible for lying and kick them out, but we think the lying problem is caused by issues with both sides at times.

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