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You would think it would be easy to find the right person among 1.3 Billion

Do Executive Recruitment China right. That is our topic today.  We do a lot of that, so have some thought.

Doing Executive Recruitment China Right Made Harder

We are presently helping one client who sought us out pretty late. His company has been in a tailspin in China for some time and needs an emergency turn around with suppliers calling day and night looking for payment.

Really good candidates are saying no right and left. Too much risk the company will fail before it can be turned around.  This is a fine company with an owner we really appreciate, but his life is harder because he waited too long for hiring a China Recruiter who could guarantee a leader who could do it and be trustworthy as well.

I am from the Twin Cities and here this week.  Look at this note from the StarTribune in Minneapolis:

“When you have to do a turnaround, or you have a company that has issues, it can be more expensive to bring in a new CEO,” said Hillary Sale, a law professor at Washington University in St. Louis. “They have more leverage in those moments.”

See the whole article here.

My recruiters are former leaders who like myself, know what makes a successful leader. We can sniff them out like HR specialists cannot. We often can even find the guy who is the diamond in the rough. However,it is more difficult when you have dug the hole real deep and then finally made your move to get the right guy instead of just cross culturally doing what got you in trouble last time with a small change maybe.

Another note about turn around from a deep hole is that really good candidates do not take those positions. Down and out leaders take these out of necessity, but they are most often not the best people and their trustworthiness is real low.  They have great resumes and interview well, but are totally not the people you should have managing your business in China be they Chinese or Expatriate. Furthermore, 72% of those resumes and interviews are just great actors and have not done what they said they did.

Do Not Be a Jerk – It Saves You Money – Lots of Money

The good news is they can be found, but they need to be recruited carefully, or they will say no to you if you are at the bottom. Actually, the best candidates are often picky even if you are doing well. They will not work for companies that have jerks for owners, and they can smell them out. Also hard to avoid hiring jerks here in China.

So there you have it. If you have waited too long or if you are a jerk, then Executive Recruitment China will be harder.  It will cost more and your choices will be slimmer.  See also SHI Group Executive Search China.

If you know how to treat candidates and employees well, then your price per hire is lower. If you manage well to give the company a future, then they come to you more strongly.  You still need to invest to know who are the ones who are not just good at the interview. Recruiting top leadership is deep water and of so much value when done right.


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