Don’t Follow the Crowd. Learn from the Long Time Successful

Hiring for credentials is epidemic and unwise.  Readers probably know how much harm I have seen from this practice. I could not help but paste a piece of this article explaining how Thomson Corporation achieved huge growth over the 30 years of Ken Thomson’s leadership.  I paste several words below.

In 1976, Thomson inherited a $500-million business empire that was built on newspapers, publishing, travel agencies, and oil. By the time he died, in 2006, his empire had grown to $25 billion.

He left both a financial legacy and an art legacy, but his most lasting legacy might be the culture he created. Geoffrey Beattie, who worked closely with him, said that Ken wasn’t a business genius. His success came from being a principled investor and from surrounding himself with good people and staying loyal to them. In return he earned their loyalty.

For the long-term viability of any enterprise, Thomson understood that you needed a viable corporate culture. It, too, had to be long-term. So he cultivated good people and kept them. Thomson worked with honest and competent business managers and gave them his long-term commitment and support. From these modest principles, an empire grew…..(A First point is) hire for passion and commitment first, experience second, and credentials third. There is no shortage of impressive CVs out there, but you should try to find people who are interested in the same things you are.

You can find the whole thing at Fast Company here.   It is definitely worth clicking.

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