Drawing in Candidates

drawing in candidatesCandidates are humans with their own concerns and hopes. It no wonder that drawing in candidates is a deep challenge. Surprisingly, I see it is not always recognized as a deep challenge.

Desperate candidates are the easiest, but we can fail to see that gaining their engagement and passion are critical to what we might see in them in the job. The first contacts will determine a lot, and we do not put enough energy here.

Further, candidates in the process are impacted a lot by how they are managed. You are constantly either drawing them in or pushing them away by your words and lack of words. Connection to candidates is key even if you do not hire them as they will talk to people in your industry.

Connection does not get enough air time. The connection between you and candidates must exist at some level. Too tenuous a link and even desperate candidates can be lost or at least you lost their heart.

Drawing in Candidates in Harder Cases

Let’s turn over to the ever valuable passive candidates. They have good jobs and are valued where they are. Going with you is a clear risk. How do they learn to trust or not trust you? Each interaction and each delay of hours days and sometimes even weeks will vastly impact such candidates.

If you cannot see them, why would they risk coming to a place that does not care to really see them? If you offer them enough money, perhaps, but if it is about the money, then you have hurt them and hurt your chances of making the hire a good one.

Can you visualize how candidates are drawn in or pushed away day by day in the process? What kind of recruiter did you hire to face them? Will the recruiter manipulate them to get them in? How will that color the process and the hire?

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