Emotional Intelligence Versus Emotional Maturity – in China?

emotional intelligence versus emotional maturity

growing older is natural-maturing is uncommon

Emotional Intelligence versus Emotional Maturity, what do you need?

Your China Candidates are working somewhere else now, and you hope they are learning something that will help you.

If you have one who worked for a Fortune 500 company, might they have  learned highly professional skills and behavior? Professional behavior could mean they are now good at politics and associated cover up. So if you want the whole package then you may get that.

Right if he comes from a competitor and has the right understandings?  Not bad, but 70% chance he learned how to cover up and make a good appearance. He learned how to pull the wool over their eyes, and now can do this to you.

Emotional Intelligence versus Emotional Maturity. Who Trumps Whom?

Unfortunately, often candidates are learning selfish skills to protect them in their work. What you need is they are gaining emotional maturity. Note, I did not say emotional intelligence. Learning emotional intelligence is behavioral like humans are just trained computers. Emotionally intelligent people are often the best politicians.   Emotionally mature people are deeply aware of who they are and accept themselves with their weaknesses and strengths.  This vastly increases their ability to objectively see what they have done and what others are doing.. They work well in teams and have high leadership ability. There is a good article on this you can see here.

I was thinking of getting skills for leading when I graduated from West Point, so I could lead better in the Army. A friend recommended a book on leadership, and I thought its 12 chapters would give me 12 skills. Fortunately, the first 11 chapters were about becoming the right person, and the last chapter had some skills thoughts. I got the point. Being great is not 90% skills, It is 90% being the right person on the inside.

You need these people, and it is not on the resume. Interviewing, even deeply still leaves gaps.  Where do you find these people? They are not easily dug up actually. They do exist in every specialty however.

Good to Great described them as Level 5 Leaders. However, they are valuable wherever you put them at whatever level of experience they have.

When you can consistently place these emotionally mature people, then your success will grow.  Before that, you are just throwing mud at the wall to see what sticks despite your best efforts to be objective.

More consistent success can come when we get more emotionally mature manages of talent and integrity.


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