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toxic work culturesToxic work cultures are always a bane but more research shows how bad.  I here list a LinkedIn article that says people leave toxic work environments more than we thought. She notes it rates higher than people leaving a bad boss.

Then she had this amazing quote from Google.

Interestingly, research by Google and others has found that the best performing work teams didn’t deliver because of talent, resources or money. Out of 250 factors they examined, the common denominator for outstanding teams was psychological safety. Those that lacked it, didn’t do so well…

Toxic Work Cultures Replaced by Psychological Safety

Psychological safety. That is a term I have not thrown around before.

Political environments where people put down others to get ahead and even publicly disparage others with great skill are hard to live with. They offer no psychological safety and all must be on guard constantly. No one can take risks to be vulnerable unless there is a lot of safety.

The toxic point means we do not need to just give people great leaders to work for, we need to give them great coworkers.

I first led a factory in 1997, and it broke records in the group for speed of startup. At the time, I saw that leadership helps.  Further, the people of character I brought in were good because I could trust them and them me.  With more thought, I realize that our fabulous success came from gathering people of character who together made a place with psychological safety. I blessed them with good leadership, but more so with good co-managers. That made things fly according to Google. I think they have a discovery we need to think on. See the China Recruitment Video I did on that experience.

Good leaders will not stand for public toxic behavior, but so much can be done secretly that I nodded to hear what Google knows.

So let’s take a closer look at our China organizations and commit to uncovering and ending toxic work culture to achieve a better tomorrow.


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