Engagement and Recruiting

engagement and recruiting

Overconfident he has the right people?

Engagement and Recruiting go hand in hand. Have you heard? You can choose the right people to fire, or the people you need the most self select off your team.

I think this will be an even hotter problem in the US market as the economy continues to heat up.

China used to be a place where you could hammer workers, and no one would leave as there were ten people behind them.

Now, even among common laborers it is getting hard to get the workers you need.

Engagement and Recruiting do go hand in hand

Have you seen the Gallup article? Gallup has an article up based on their research on the cost of keeping “managers from hell” on staff.

The single biggest decision you make in your job — bigger than all of the rest — is who you name manager. When you name the wrong person manager, nothing fixes that bad decision. Not compensation, not benefits — nothing

They go on to note that 7 out of 10 workers are unengaged because of the Managers from Hell.  This also means business owners who have not yet woke up, However, we see again and again how well meaning owners are empowering Managers from Hell and justifying it for one reason of another. And 7 out of 10 of their workers are unengaged.

People want to save money and do this themselves. Oh My. I am shocked by how often owners of businesses and directors of businesses select and protect people who are destroying their business. The cost is astronomical and the business pays and pays in cash and in grief.

Well, they also pay in turnover. We are in the recruiting business, and we see it all the time.

One Western GM worked at a big US company, and a Headhunter got him to another US company nearby. The GM brought a Chinese manager with him. We started helping the GM place people in the recent acquisition, and the people we place start losing engagement and even quitting.

We asked around and very quickly all the fingers are pointing at the manager the GM brought with him.

One guy we placed had that manager reporting to him, but the GM was protecting this loser. Naturally, that guy we placed quickly lost engagement and his value dropped off, and he left after half a year. Later the whole organization was in a tailspin, and we saw it was that manager. The GM protected him as liked that guy! He protected him as that guy was loyal to him! So the story goes on and on. Good people leave and more recruiting is needed. Why should we complain? We are recruiters. Actually our heart is to make businesses better, but we cannot overcome buyer biases that are causing self-inflicted wounds.

Entrepreneur.com has up a very clear article on the vast cost of unmotivated workers. So costs can be even greater even if the unhappy people do not quit. They stay and just keep collecting a paycheck while they work listlessly. If you page down, you get to their very informative infographics.  Companies that are recruiting in house are shooting themselves in the foot unless they have some very high volumes to get to a professional level. By the way, international recruiters are not the ones to learn from, They have come to accept the reign of the managers from hell and so just pitch people back and forth.

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