11 Needs for Excellent Executive Search China

11 Needs for Excellent Executive Search China

Getting the right person for your China leadership team is critical to your success in China. Excellent Executive Search China should not be a roll of the dice. Let’s look together at what you need to get there.

Excellent Executive Search China Needs a Lot

Your recruiter needs to:

1.Take time to get to know what you really need

The right recruiter asks very good questions and shows curiosity in your company and culture.  He knows that to create good fit, he needs to know you as much as you are willing to say.

2. Have a strong process that they execute well

Many recruiters fail in the first step but want to earn your money. So they proceed to a mad dash to throw enough mud at the wall to see what sticks.  The process is short, informal, and the goal is the money.

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3. From experience, have an understanding of your needs

A hiring manager may need detail ability, a hands-on leader, or a hunter salesman.   Your Headhunter needs to know what you need and how to find out if the candidate really has that.

4. Bring spot on talent to the table

The best candidates almost never apply on your web site. You need a recruiter who can make contact with people who do not apply. They have the ability to get them to open up to understand the opportunity. As a result, Excellent Executive Search Recruiters can give an accurate picture that attracts the right candidates. See an info graphic on recruitment to see more.

5. Draw out and understand the key elements the candidate can bring to table

Candidates are nervous for an interview. They feel a lot of pressure to perform. Naturally, they have a hard time being real which is what you need to see. Great recruiters help them get past this and can get to the real person. Furthermore, recruiters who care about your candidates enough to really get to know them give you an edge.

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6. Find out who is real and who is faking

After seeing so many candidates since we started in 2009, we went through and checked and found that 72% of the candidates we interview are lying.  We have been weeding that many out and have specifics on why they are not suitable due to not being trustworthy. (See the Video Description of our Background Check Work)

This is Hard Work and takes amazingly honest recruiters

Excellent Executive Search China is hard to get because the best and most impressive resumes are almost all a lie. Recruiters doubt they can survive if they work to prove their best candidates are just a facade. However, you need real candidates who can work each day according to the expectations gained in that interview.

You not only need this, but you also deserve this. You are paying good money for real candidates and not candidates who can get away with being great actors. See SHI Group China Recruitment for more.

7. Be willing to kill off his or her own great candidates by finding and revealing hidden truth

Once the recruiter knows their best candidate was just very good at interviewing but actually prone to lie and cover up under pressure, they have a choice. They can tell you and thus face finding another great candidate to replace this one.  Or they can bury this fact and package this candidate to collect the money with little effort.  Most recruiters will succumb and get rewarded for their ‘success’.  See SHI Group Executive Search China.

They are hard to find

We have not found any recruiters other than us who will expose the best candidate’s lying.  If you find a recruiter who says they do background checks after interview, ask how many they have kicked out via that process.  Most have never kicked out any, and a rare one has kicked out 1 over the past 5 years. We have kicked out over a thousand and can show you the data for each one. We think the whole work world would be better if the smooth talkers would learn that they lose the job offer by lying. Then the businesses would have lower politics, less unwanted turnover, and higher productivity. We are glad to be in that space so at least you have that much transparency and real data available.

8. Be committed to your success over his short term gain

Sometimes the best candidate costs less than the others. Recruiters earn money on a percentage of salary, so they are highly motivated to sell you the more expensive guy. Only a great recruiter can strongly recommend a guy who earns less.  They are truly committed to your success and not their short-term earnings.

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9. Understand the market for this kind of talent and what package is needed

It can be hard to know how much to pay and how to get a win-win with the candidate. Higher level candidates are also more concerned about tax avoidance methods. You need a recruiter who can parse these issues and really help you.

10. Bring them to commit and join when it is a good fit

It is a big decision for you and for the candidate. They naturally want more money if possible and even may hope for a better offer. You need a recruiter who can be honest at these times, but can also help the candidate to come to a good decision.

11. Still care even after the placement is made

Excellent Executive Search China does not end once the client pays. They care for you and the success of the placement long term. They can be your third party to get extra insight even after the placement.

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In conclusion, Executive Search in China does not have to be like rolling the dice. You can think if you are just getting lucky or unlucky and how to become more data driven in your recruiting work by getting a recruiter that provides verifiable data beyond the resume and interview.  Watch a Video Case Study to see what can happen when you acquire great candidates that make game changing achievements for you.

With the right recruiter, you can do very well.

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