Executive Recruitment in China

Executive Recruitment in China

Executive Recruitment in China is not for amateurs.  80% of executives seeking work with Western firms active in China are lying to get the job offer. Often the recruiters are working against you and with the candidates to get them the job offer.  A further challenge is they are very experienced in interviewing. So, they are experts at presenting themselves. All of this makes it exceedingly hard to get the right top leadership in China.   Just hiring an expat will not always solve the problem. We definitely check them as well.

A Path for Successful Executive Recruitment in China

So do we throw our hands in the air and say, “This is China” with a sigh?

Actually, one of our specialities is getting you people who will not say, “This is China.”

Our statistics that show that 80% are lying also show that 20% are not. We need not throw up our hands and sigh.

The real challenge is in filtering. From my list of filtering challenges above, you can surely sense why many companies have ended up hiring self serving GM’s instead of executives of excellence.

Fortunately, I have been focusing on finding people of proven talent in China since 1997. Thus, SHI Group has developed a process that is unsurpassed. See also our Process and a short video on Background Checks.

If you know the actual (this is the tricky part) career experience of a possible executive, then you have a very good chance of an excellent hire. If that candidate knows your company enough and decides to join, then you have near certainty of a good hire.

Consistent Success Requires An Integrated Process

SHI Group even gives free training to our clients hiring managers to help them now how to get better data and better results in the interview. We know the power of real data. At SHI Group, we want you to win every time.

Another point of interest is a good background check is limited. A good interview is limited. Good search technique and thinking is limited. You need an integrated system that works together to gain all the right resumes and gains all the right understanding. See 11 Things You Need For Excellent Executive Search China.

See also China Country Leader Recruitment 9 Things to Beware.

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