Finding a Higher Level of Talent in China

Finding a Higher Level of Talent in China

How does recruiting turn up a higher level of talent in China? Find appropriate resumes and hope that means talent? Interview to see if they can tell good stories? Gut feel? Train candidates how to gain a gut feel with the hiring manager?  I see we need to look deeper to get people with better character, so they do not use talent to steal from us. After digging deeper, I saw we find a higher level of talent in China.

When a person first starts to work and have a challenge that it too big, they have a choice. They can be vulnerable and reach out and learn real work, or they can pretend and cover up, They can learn to manipulate. They can learn politics.

Pretending, cover up, manipulating and politics are not value added activities.  However, employees do learn them and people can develop higher levels of skill in this over time. When we reach out to managers who have lied in the interview, we find that vast majority are unwilling to come clean. They are so deeply invested in the politics model that they cannot come back.  People learn these political skills because they lack skill to do the real work. So they develop these other skills to cover for that.  They do not learn real skills of knowing how to handle conflict with a coworker or boss. They instead learn subterfuge and/or its relatives.

Higher Level of Talent in China – Let’s Find It

So what is higher talent then? Higher talent is the positive skills and attitude a new hire needs to do real work. They use these skills instead of subterfuge and cover-ups. Everyone you interview has some skills, but the person who learned to do real work openly has learned more value added behaviors, and therefore has higher level talent. See also Talent Factors in China.

When people learn to take responsibility for their actions, and decide to put their heart into their work, they have reached higher as people and as productive leaders in companies. They also acquire skills and attitudes that others do not acquire at that level.  They are more talented in the value added behaviors that every company needs more of.

I guess all see more easily that we kick out those who do not actually do but only tell good stories. That is a more obvious character gap than this higher level talent we also ensure. Come and see more of our thinking. Welcome to reach out.

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