Finding Hard to Find Candidates in China

Finding Hard to Find Candidates in China

Clients often come to us with this very reasonable question. “How do you find hard to find candidates like we have described?” Ah, finding hard to find candidates is what we get paid to do. So let me tell you why I think we consistently succeed.

First, we save a lot of time by finding out what you really need before we start. That saves us time and energy to do what you really need. Second is we are more successful in getting thoughts out of you that you did not know you had.

We work hard. That is certainly a key aspect. There is nothing for it but to work hard and look at more resumes. See 11 Things You Need For Excellent Executive Search.

However, I must add what I must have said before. Having the right frame of mind is critical. We are looking for the right candidate, the right hire, even the game changer, and NOT the right resume.

finding hard to find candidates

The right one is in there somewhere

Yes, we search on many engines inside and outside China. That is common. We also get involved in groups that might have target candidates. Actually, there are a lot of ways to find where candidates gather. The work takes creativity and diligence. I find it is key for me to hire these kinds of workers. Diligence is not too hard to find, but creativity and initiative is harder.  We get them all.

We often ask what kind of person would write some odd thing on their resume? It does not seem advantageous. Yet, they did. They have a reason. We do not need to guess. We can ask. In Truth, we find that there is something special about the right people, and it is not common. I do not mean they have a perfect resume.

I think you would agree that you want someone who is confident and comfortable with their own skin.  How would they write a resume?

More Thoughts on Finding Hard to Find Candidates

Might I also add that doing well in the interview is a certain skill. However, what you need them to do most of the time is not interviewing, You are looking for a leader or a finance controller and quality control expert. We must not put too much on the interview.

Now, back to finding hard to find candidates. We do find very hard to find candidates consistently. We have placed English speaking engineers in Qinghai for example. I think our recruiting success might be because the people I hire are creative and passionate about this work. Due to my thinking, I hire superstars and treat them well and that helps.  Want to go the same path?





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