Finding Joy in Recruiting at SHI Group

finding joy in recruiting

I started this company because I see a lot of pain in companies and want to make them happier places at the root.  From chaos to success means we start at chaos and gradually placements can change a ton around them. That helps in finding joy in recruiting for you and us.

This is happy work. SHI Group has the privilege of finding the gems and finding out the trouble makers. We have joy in placing the one and sending the other home. We also find friends along the way.  SHI Group met an accountant a few years ago and found her to be a delightful and capable finance manager. Let me call her Joy.  Unfortunately, in the first place we tried to place her, the customer liked another good candidate we found better. The next chance the company closed the position due to economic issues. In the third try, she found a home in a nice company that had had a real struggle finding the right and trustworthy talent they needed.

Finding Joy in Recruiting is About People

We suggest we will always be friends with Joy.  By policy and our desire to help., we never take people we have placed from our customers. Despite that, when we look for other finance managers, we will often call her first to find out who else she knows. That does not usually give us the right person but always glad to connect with these remarkable people.

We do have to sift through a lot of people to find people like Joy.  It is like a treasure hunt where we contact a lot of people before we can find Joy.  How Can We Help Your Recruiting Process?

After 12 years of doing this work, we have a lot of friends we have placed as well as customers we have served. We are thankful to each for making our work a joy.  Welcome to contact us, so we can send you some joy as well.


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