First Contact With Passive Candidates

ffirst contact with passive candidatesTo do the first contact with passive candidates, we need to know a lot about you. Passive candidates don’t just throw their name in that easy.  We definitely do not start out by interviewing them. We have to give them some info to get them talking to us. So, we tell them about the opportunity and what it looks like for the candidate.

This is the first step on the path. It is key. If we oversell to bring in the candidate, the path forward is problematic. If we chaotically speak as do not know enough, there is also a problem. Therefore, our path is to first know about you and the opportunity. The more we can know, the more we can draw in the better candidates for you.

First Contact With Passive Candidates – a Little Nervous, a Little Hopeful

So in this case, the first conversation lasts about 10 minutes, and we may not learn a lot about the candidate, but we may have convinced the candidate to give us a complete resume. So you give us more information, and we get you better candidates. The story is about you, so we need to convey you and the opportunity with accuracy and avoid the temptation to oversell you. Trust is a key factor. We tell them the real story.  We build trust, and you get more candidates. Finally, when they start work, the first conversation will be with them. We plan to make it match.

The first call with a passive candidate is effectively a cold call. They are often a little defensive. They also can be a little curious. but many will not tell you anything as do not trust.  Just like a cold call.  The first call though not long is, therefore, critical. In our case, the adventure of the first call gets us going after what can be a hard search. It takes a lot of first calls in most cases. Lots of passive candidates are not ready to be in the market.   Others may take a few calls to warm them up. It is hard to say. It is a part of our job we like to get right as see it as important. Our customers help us get there.


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