First Time Recruiting Success

First Time Recruiting Success

First time recruiting success is certainly what everyone wants. How do we get there?

Given that we have a 95% first time success rate, I guess we are the authority on this question. Let me tell you how we get there.

You have some sense of what you want. Often you are not very clear, and we work to help get you there. We go deeper with you to help you see more clearly what you want from the outset.

It leads to spot on resumes rather than us throwing mud at the wall.

Expectations Are One Key Part

A key thing to manage is expectations. If you are not unpleasantly surprised then you are more likely to keep this new hire. The new hire is more likely to stay if they are not unpleasantly surprised. The new hire is also more likely to put their heart into the work if they are not unpleasantly surprised. This is what you need. See also Expectations.

So one of our success factors is that we seek and give high transparency to both sides.

You make better decisions when you have the real data. First we need to be committed to give everything we have, or you and we cannot reach 95%.

When we talk openly about you with candidates, candidates are much more likely to be open with us. That gets more useful information from candidate.

Finally. we do a real background check. Having the candidate offer a few cell phone numbers and have us talk to their friends who are pretending to be their old boss is not useful as we see it. A real background check talking to real people about real events is a real background check. For example candidates often lie about when or how they left a company. This information is important, and we dig it out among other things. Knowing the real truth and how far the candidate is from it tells you a lot. More information gives you better decision making ability. That leads toward 95% success.

More for First Time Recruiting Success

Each company has its own company culture. Western Companies cultures are often far from where Chinese candidates are coming from. However, new hires need to be able to get with your culture or your hoped for culture for a successful hire. So your candidate needs to be teachable. You do not need someone who is always telling you this is China.

Yes, you also need someone who has the talent and experience for the job. Our real background check can prove out someone has that real talent and experience beyond simply doing a good interview with you. See also China Background Check For Real Data.

Then all you need is a good onboarding process to make them feel comfortable in a new company and 95% can be yours as well. See also China Employer Branding.

Let’s reach for 95% first time recruiting success. It is more than worth it to have us get you there.

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