Foreign Firms in China Need to Require Best Leaders

foreign firms in China need to do betterTalent management, talent acquisition and talent retention are so important. Yet foreign firms in China often even let China HR manage hiring. They hope to get good leaders hired.    In most companies I visit, HR issues simmer or on top.   This is a key reason for you to up your leadership selection company wide. Regardless of what you have heard, workers in China still leave because of dissatisfaction with their direct leader more than for an increase in pay. It is a universal truth.  I also see how great leaders attract great talent. Great leaders are a magnet for great talent.

Recruiting of Great Leaders So Valuable

Make sure you recruit leaders of character.  I once GM’d a factory where the first hire I made meant my success.  He was such a man of character that people quit their jobs and came just to work for him. That is what you need to. And once you get them, you better have studied this blog and more because the competition to take them away from you is getting tougher.

Head Hunters Should Not Be Your Concern

Great leaders do not fear head hunters.   We once assisted a mediocre leader, and he was dread afraid of head hunters identifying his company.   We understood why he feared as most everyone wanted to leave if they could find anything even comparable.   Great leaders do not lose workers to head hunting.   Workers know better than to leave a great leader as they are hard to find.  If you have a great leader, then you better have figured out how to respect, use, and develop them. They have work beyond your doors. We placed a great leader not so long ago, and within a few months he was heading for the door.  We counseled the company on how to retain him. However, they still had stubborn old habits of thinking that people should just be glad to have a job.  We have not told him to quit, but rather counseled him to try again to talk to his leader.   They deserve to lose him. Hopefully they realize their problem.

Some GM’s have low turnover as they hired c level managers. So not all stable teams are stable because they are great. Some are stable as so weak. See This for 11 Things for Excellent Executive Search China.

Foreign Firms in China Could Do So Much Better

I think we all know that great leaders also do not fear hiring great leaders under them. They seek out and find the best.  The best also gravitate to them so finding that leader is so valuable.  How many of you have this leader? Few companies have and often these great leaders are sitting at home as not seen for who they are. It is a shame that we often rectify.

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