Gaps in Integrity Are Worldwide

gaps in integrityMy Alma Mater was in the news this week, and it was not for beating Navy. West Point caught 72 cadets cheating on a remote calculus test.  I am well aware that gaps in integrity are worldwide, but when it happens at West Point, it is the top news item. It should be. In the Army, officer lying costs lives, and it could be many. SHI Group finds a lot more then 72/1000 cheating to get a job offer in China. Fortunately. it does not cost lives too often. I do know that a man died in a Western factory near me not too long ago. Falsifying data and lying caused his death. So sad. In the vast majority of the cases it costs money and usually a lot of it.

Hopefully, people learn from these horrible mistakes.  Many Companies take cheating as if everyone was lying. We are glad to report that at West Point, and in the China candidate pool, honest people can be found.

Their value can be high, and they can even save lives. Usually, these honest hard working hires just help Western Companies earn more money.

We are glad to find them.

Gaps in Integrity are Worldwide – But We Can Keep Them Out of Your Company in China

We are sad that some Western hiring managers do not care about lying.  Some even ignore the question.  We know the politicians they hire create sorrow for many many workers in these companies. Additionally, SHI Group always hopes to make the good workers happy and productive by finding strong leaders who are trustworthy in all they do and say. We are aware that the ROI on our placements is quite high. Not only are these people loyal and stay with good companies a long time. They also promote real work and do not put any money directly in thier pockets.

These kind of people are hard to turn up, but they are worth the effort.  We smile when we find them, and they get hired. They are game changers.



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