Getting Better Hiring Fit For Longer Placement

getting better hiring fitMany people talk about fit like it is some mysterious substance.  Actually, fit is an infinitely more important topic. Fit begs an important question. Are the candidates expectations and yours a match?  If so, and you both are willing, the hire is likely to be long term. Fit is what you expect and what he or she expects when working there. Sounds simple?  Not so simple at all and actually does not work often as you may know. The good news is SHI Group has mastered getting better hiring fit and can get you there. How?

The key is what you know about the candidate and what they know about you being true and good.

Do you have a turn around problem? Does the candidate need HQ support?  Or more importantly…..

Getting Better Hiring Fit is Workable With Us

Does the candidate really have experience selling $1M of a similar product to Siemens China? Can the hire inspire your China team with hands on work and strategic vision? Do they have such a track record?

If you want a hire to say they sold $1M, Did you know that many candidates will sense that and tell you it is true? Many candidates can make up stories to match your need in the JD. Unfortunately, when you believe the untrue story, you are setting yourself up for a disappointing experience. You believe it fits tour need, but it is not.

On the flip side, candidates often do not have a proper expectation of what to expect at this new company. Do they know that HQ has very specific reporting needs? Do they know why the last guy failed? If they do, will they pretend to be different to get the offer?

First, risks abound, but having a very honest recruiter is the first step to overcome. Second is to have a recruiter who can get all the facts behind the resume and interview. We worked hard to make sure you can get just that here at SHI Group and we know nobody else in China can actually assure that.

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