Getting Better Teamwork

getting better teamworkWhile training may provide some help, it cannot match the power of having the right people on the leadership team and getting the wrong people off the team. That is the most powerful and first step. Let’s look into this hope of getting better teamwork.

The most perplexing situation i see is apparently good teamwork and bad results. It is a big problem in China for sure and I guess elsewhere. See Hire A Players on our US Site.

The Western company hires a top leader they believe they can trust. They proceed to hire a team that seems to be a team. Somehow, you wanted more from your China team. The Western company start to think that Chinese workers are substandard somehow. They seem to lack something the Western company has at headquarters. Gradually, you can see that no one on the team can hold a candle to your top leader. I assure you that team training will not help this team in any way shape or form.

The top leader has purposely hired people who are desperate and who will bow to the top leader in complete loyalty. He keeps them safe usually and they must keep him safe or he will terminate them. The top leader boasts to you how low cost his hiring is. Yes, these worthless hires are low cost. but even lower value and few of them bring their heart to work.

Getting Better Teamwork Has Many Blockades

In a different case, you have a good leader by some roll of the dice, but the same roll of the dice has gotten you too may politicians and not enough committed team members. Talent will talk a good talk and clearly get things done, but back biting and differences on team rule. Training will also be useless here.

Other companies somehow have a unified team with talent but each is in his or her silo and teamwork is weak. Our company is focused on rigorous recruiting, but we are authorized facilitators for Overcoming 5 Dysfunctions of a Team. It is the only team facilitation we feel is worth the money. This two day facilitation will absolutely help a truly strong team become significantly better.

We can help your team in small ways to have better team work, one trustworthy placement at a time.  As the number of politicians goes down and the number of thoroughly vetted hires goes up, teamwork does go up naturally, though with a very dysfunctional leader, it is all short term as the best people will self select off the team as fast as they can.


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