Getting Candidates the Job Offer

getting candidates the job offerGetting candidates the job offer usually works, but problems should be avoided. Let’s look closer on key issues especially as far as the candidates are concerned.

In our case this happens when someone you would like to hire passes our background check, and we recommend it as a good hire to make.

We usually know what the candidate’s bottom line is. We can share with you. One issue we care about is like this:

The candidate at the start of the process says 20K RMB a month is good, and we query more to make sure. Then, after they capture your attention in the interview, they come back to us and say 25k or worse yet we find they told you 25k and not us.

This kind of money grabbing we find is a bad sign. They are too money focused, and they do not care that they committed to 20k to us. We usually back off on such candidates even though it is more work for us to find more. These kind of candidates are not looking to join your team. They are just lo0king for money, so they are a flight risk.

Let’s get back to the guy who wants 20k, with a 1-3 month bonus. Usually, the candidate will say 280k annual package is ok. We will get this verbal thought for you.  We are not trying to get him or her to up her package. A win-win is needed, and the candidate decides early in the process is our normal model.

Details in the job offer can include special needs in the social benefits beyond normal. Candidates may request this specifically early in the process.

We then encourage you to make and offer for the candidate and send to us, or just send us details. We will go to candidate and seek a verbal acceptance. You can do this yourself but we are very good at finding the warning signs and gaps here.

Getting Candidates the Job Offer is a Time for Speed

Then you can give us the whole job offer and we can see if any issues. You can then call the candidate and personally talk to them about the offer, or send them the written offer directly and copy us. We have you copy us as we want to immediately follow up with the candidate to see if any hiccups that should be immediately addressed.

Usually there are none, and the candidate signs and commits to s start date.

Next, he or she needs to give notice at their company. This usually happens the day of or day after the offer.

The biggest problem we find is companies who take too long on this step. If the candidate has even passed our background check, the job offer is urgent. You have at most one week to move the ball. A day of two is much better.  Longer and you are hurting the passion of the candidate and getting them to look elsewhere or lose interest. Keeping candidates warm is always needed, but here it is critical. If you will exceed one week, then you need to explicitly contact the candidates and explain your special need for slightly more time.

Companies do at times abuse this. Sometimes they lose candidates. Worse is they have already lost heart and are just taking a job.

See also Using the Job Offer to Get More.

If you can’t get to offer letter or doubt making the offer, we are here to help you in China.


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