Getting Surprised At Interviews or Hiring

Getting surprised at interviews or hiringGetting surprised at interviews or hiring is too common, and you do not have to put up with it. Recruiters who find and do screening should make sure that does not occur. Your time is valuable, and the process should be reasonable.

As a hiring manager, you should not have to interview candidates that are not worth your time. When people start for your company, you also should not be surprised that their behavior is not like in the interview. Both these issues should be worked out before they waste your time. Unfortunately, they often do not.

Why Does This Unhappy Thing Happen?

Sometimes recruiters do not push hard enough to get enough information. The result is they are simply throwing mud at your wall to see what sticks.

Other times, they have certain candidates in hand, and they just try to make that work though not quite fit for you. If they are just trying to get lucky, this can happen, but it wastes your time, The recruiter should find the diamond in the rough and not you by wading through all the wild guesses. SHI Group makes sure to know you better before sending anyone to interview.

Getting Surprised at Interviews or Hiring Must Not Happen

Sometimes the recruiter has simply misunderstood and not clarified before sending candidates. This also should be worked out before.

Other guys are really good at the interview, and neither the recruiter nor the hiring manager can parse this in the interview. This ends up with a surprisingly bad hiring that you have to offload.

We solved this by committing to a deep background check to make sure all nefarious hires are blocked out, so they never get a job offer from you.

This one-two punch makes sure that neither us recruiters nor candidates we let slip by waste your time or money. We see this as the way recruiting should work and make sure it happens every time.

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