Getting to Know our Customers Is Key For Us

getting to know our customersBeing a company that prizes transparency and gives premium service, SHI Group seeks to really know our customers.

We always need to speak to the hiring manager. How else can we have a good or especially a premium understanding of a clients needs? We work to understand needs for the position and why the position is open and what they have already done to find the right person including what difficulties they have.

Each of these give color to the need. More importantly, we seek to understand the company and the hiring manager at a deeper level. Finally, we work on the issue of what is the company culture like. We like to collect three things the company wants this person to accomplish. This is a little different than most job descriptions. New hires make money for companies by what the accomplish so we need to know.

To Know Our Customers Takes Lots of Thought

Job descriptions are necessarily limited, so we find out a lot about the position through talking with hiring managers. We find things not on the job description are often the most important to the hiring manager.  All of this is needed to help us talk to candidates to give them confidence about the opportunity and a real sense of what is needed,

We learn a ton about candidates and share openly with the hiring manager. In the same way, we learn all we can about the manager and the company and then share it honestly with the candidate. Candidates who know what they are getting into do much better as the expectations match. Some like certain challenges and are glad to hear this oportunity has it.  So transparency on both sides is our goal.

We think salary is an important question as it is critical to a candidate’s decision. However, companies have definite pressures regarding pay and overall pay scale in their company. We are glad to propose qualified candidates that are under budget. The key is to have the right person. We have to know you quite well to have a possibility to do that though. Also go read Executive Recruitment China – Choosing Right Leaders.


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