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global staffing solutions ChinaI often read China Briefing.  Last week he wrote on Global Staffing Solutions. He talked about getting boots on the ground without registering a business. I wrote about this long ago as see the value. SHI Group helps our customers who do not have an entity in China by carrying their workers on our license. A handful of companies claim to have the ability to do regional or even global staffing solutions.  We only shake our head to think what a roll of the dice it is to recruit with that little focus.

Some companies can put their product on Tmall, and sell a ton and are very happy with that model. Others love their distributor.  Some companies visit suppliers every month and are very happy with that model.

For most, there must be a better way. Getting boots on the ground can give vast benefits as you finally have someone in country who works directly for you. He has the right experience and can transform what you are doing in China. You can develop your own IP as it were.

Global Staffing Solutions China Has Big Risks That Can Be Solved

Unfortunately, yes unfortunately, this person or persons are very important to your China experience. Therefore, the tail can wag the dog. Less terribly, they can be irresponsible or tricky in ways that you could not foresee.

For this reason, SHI Group does not carry workers that companies have found with other companies. By signing such people, we bear the legal risk and do not trust other recruiters to kick out the untrustworthy.

The smarter they are; the more peril you have. To your advantage, it does not have to be that way.

China has great and trustworthy people. It just takes a China focused process to dig them out and sign the right people. Retention of such valuable people means the process includes us telling them about your good, bad, and ugly, so that their expectations are matched with the reality.   Transparent recruiting where we dig out real data on candidates and tell real data of yours leads to the right path. Then when you get your global staffing solutions China boots on the ground, you can sleep better for good reason.


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