Good Chinese Management Does Exist

good chinese managementGood Chinese management is available in China despite what many people think.

They are diligent and work to understand your thinking and loyally work for you. The best news is they will not cover up problems, but report them so you are in the know.

As you get more of these kinds of managers, your productivity and success grows dramatically. Our strategic partners all know the value.

Even so, you can still keep working to find, recruit, further attract, interview multiple times and get the same mish mash results you have. It is your business, and you can live that way.

I was at a dirty dingy factory last week.  The lighting is poor, and the surroundings are dirty all around. 5s is not a topic there. What is the problem?  Bad management causes low engagement which leads to no one caring. Quality gets lower and lower and turnover gets higher and higher as workers incessantly complain about pay. Naturally, most factories do not sink this low, but any gap leads to less profitability.

Sure, this factory saved on outside recruiting costs. Have they even begun to calculate the ROI losses on low productivity, high turnover, poor safety record, low engagement, and even theft?  Actually, I think they have as we will make that place sparkle with the leadership we put in there in the near future. They will be counting their earnings and enjoying worker smiles like they did not before.

Do Not Trust Luck To Get Good Chinese Management

It is not luck that gives us loyal customers. Our customers only stop using us when their turnover moves toward zero because of the leadership we have put in the factory. We can even find finance people who watch the bottom line well and are not jerks about it.

We think Chinese managers are wrongly maligned and hope to change Western impressions. China has good leaders and transparent managers. Please do not blame China when you have not found the good Chinese management to make your place hum. The best American business leadership can be found in China.

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