Good Hiring Is So Hard

recruiting is so hard work

If you do not think good hiring is so hard work, then probably you do not need to read this, but then maybe you do. It has taken a lot of work to get to where we are to get the right hammer and nails every time in recruiting.

The worst candidates are often the best interviewers. They are manipulators of merit. Contrarily, some of the best candidates can be weak in interview as rarely look for work.

The most passive candidates and often best do not update their on line profiles as are not thinking much about a new job. Further, they need special handling to warm up and can be super hard to get an updated resume from. Be sure that hiring people is so much different ten renting a car or getting raw material, because hiring people leads to a dynamic process where the candidate and the engagement is changing in process.Let’s avoid those Toxic Work Cultures.

Good Hiring Is So Hard As So Many Intractable Problems

Out of work people cannot wait on the job offer but hiring managers are busy people. Even more troubling, the best will get multiple job offers.

Best candidates often want more money than budget can bear.

Hope can become low because best candidates grow cold, and budget is not enough. It hurts the heart of the recruiter. Some recruiters will then resort to training workers and changing resumes to match needs to solve intractable hiring problems. Then these bad hires start by lying to get the job and keep lying to keep the job.

What we need is hires that will be in line with us and transparent in their work. We need hires who have functional talent and cross functional team connections in execution.

In truth, we need a lot and recruiters must face that in the dynamic environment they live in, It is not a picnic. Experience also builds talent and recruiters often burn out in 5 or less years.

We face the challenge and have sustainable methodology in the space. Paul and I have chased the best model for recruiting only the best for 13 years together. We are glad to do it.

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