Great Companies Have Great Hiring

great companies have great hiringI see it often. Great companies have great hiring. The best companies put lots of energy into hiring as see how important it is. They see that if you put the best energy in, you will get the best hiring done. Here in the China context, SHI Group is getting the best hiring done.

As a result, we are giving you a shot at greatness in whatever you are doing here in China. If you just need one person in China, that person should be the best for the money in both character and talent.  It you need a 1500 person factory, then you need the best for that need. To dig you out of a whole, we are the safe bet.

If you do the common recruiting and trust that you know enough from meeting the guy face to face, you are rolling the dice in the land that spawned the phrase getting shanghaied. Why would you roll the dice when you can be spot on every time?

Great Hiring Is So Important

SHI Group solves this problem for you, how do we do it? We work hard and use our deep thinking (see our story in video). Again, we do work a lot harder. SHI Group does not just throw mud at the walls. We make sure we know you well enough. Beyond that, SHI Group makes sure we know the position enough. Furthermore, we do not just hand you resumes we have sitting around that we polish to make fit. SHI Group rolls up its sleeves.

Our US Site has a video telling one more thing. We make hiring managers look smarter. If you want to know how, see this video on the US Site. We want you to win. Additionally, we know what it takes to get great hires. We do not rest till we get you what you need which surprisingly is not always who you think you need before the data all comes in.

Great hiring for your great company is not so far away from you in your China hiring. We have the process, and remain ready to roll up our sleeves for you. Here is 10 ideas for hiring great GM’s.

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