Great Interviewing Does Not Equal Great Hiring

Great Interviewing Does Not Equal Great Hiring
great interviewing does not equal great hiring

Or maybe not

We think interviewing is important and have a strong system to get it right. Despite this, we emphatically say that great interviewing does not equal great hiring.  LinkedIn Talent Solutions wrote me and said great interviewing=great placement and gave me a link to good questions.  We smile as prove each day that great interviewing ≠ great placement.

We confess that we see a lot of sub-standard interviewing, so are glad to give you the link to good behavioral interview questions. Improving interviewing is valuable.  However, the best interviewing cannot bleed through to what we find out in the next part of our process which is the background check.

An Example of Great Interviewing Does Not Equal Great Hiring

Perhaps, I could give an example. We recently interviewed a guy who said he brought in $500,000 in new business in his last job. The customer was impressed and in the interview found this guy was really good.

Then the candidate gave us the OK to background check. We got verifiable proof that he had not made any new sales and had simply worked in account management. We learned from this that this guy cannot sell without lying and is not good at selling either way.

Naturally, the customer then refused this candidate who looked so good in interview. The candidate could even give details of how he made these new sales. We dug deep in a 2-hour interview. The customer interviewed for an hour.  His interviews were amazing. Unfortunately, none of his sales stories were true, but his lying was excellent. Do you want to hire the best liar? See Recruitment Agency China for more insight.

We know that people who tell the truth under pressure also work harder to do real things as they do not play politics. Their performance after placement is so much better.

I am not sure from this how LinkedIn can say Great Interviewing=Great Placement. We have data from over 1000 plus interviews showing they are not right.

My father told me newspapers lie. I have found candidates do too and have questions about LinkedIn Talent Solutions.

Our answer is great integrated recruiting system usually equals great hire.  It surely prevents foolish and damaging hires.  No system is perfect, but we see one way that is a lot better though a lot of work.

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